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The Ellisverse Wiki is a collaborative website about the novels of Bret Easton Ellis. It aims to be a comprehensive guide to characters, places and themes in works by Bret Easton Ellis and his immediate contemporaries Jay McInerney, Tama Janowitz, Jill Eidenstadt, Donna Tartt and Jonathan Lethem.

In particular, the Ellisverse attempts to record and compile users' theories and essays about some of the big questions in the novels, how Ellis' work relates to other members of the Brat Pack, or the influence. Because this is a literature wiki, all relevant connections to others novelists, walks of life and website aims to apply academic integrity to a pop academic style. If you can justify an article discussing, say, F. Scott Fitzgerald (and you definitely can), please go write one! If you can find a legitimate connection to Murakami, then please, enlighten everyone. :)

Because the Ellisverse is a Wiki, this means anyone can edit! The website has been set up by two students in their spare time, and is just beginning. With time, more and more guidelines will emerge.

Starting points:

Bret Easton Ellis (Brat Pack, 1980s literary scene, Influences, Impact, Ellisverse)
Continuity (concept) • Bisexuality (motif) • Nihilism (philosophy) • Minimalism (style) • Transgressive fiction (genre) • Yuppie culture, MTV Generation (targets)
Essay: Ghosts and apparitions • Essay: Doubles and lookalikes • Essay: Consumerism and Counterculture • Essay: Social Interactions
Blonde-Haired Clay • Sean Bateman • Patrick Bateman • Graham, Victor Ward • Fictional Bret • Brown-Haired Clay.
Less Than Zero (1987 film, "The Author", Conception history) • The Rules of Attraction {2002 film, Glitterati) • American Psycho (Controversy, 2000 film, AmPsych2000 emails, This Must be the Place) • The Informers (2009 film, vampires, The Listeners) • Glamorama {Camera crews, Zoolander) • Imperial Bedrooms (Narcissism, Poetic justice, Versions of Clay)

People are afraid to merge articles on the Wiki.

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