In the novels of Bret Easton Ellis and several other Brat Pack and Generation X authors, Camden College is a liberal arts college in New Hampshire. It is based on the real Bennington College, where Ellis and several of his author friends did their undergraduate degrees.



Camden College is a scene of debauchery; the students all take drugs, skip class, indulge in copious amounts of alcohol and sex. This attitude extends towards experimentation; Fictional Bret Ellis recounts that in his days at Camden, all the boys experimented with bisexuality (LP). Model Victor Ward (né Johnson) recounts that he did "the whole bi thing" when it was hip at college (Glam). Bret also remembers that his married neighbour Mitchell Allen had a fling with Paul Denton (LP), though after breaking up with Paul he did not want to admit to his gay liaison (TRoA87, TRoA02). Despite being the home of immense privelege, and the most expensive liberal arts college in America (TFoS), in Tartt and Eidenstat, Hampden/Camden is the college which the novels' bright, young, impoverished young males like Richard Papen aspire to attend. Their tuition and living expenses are paid through generous scholarships (FR, TSH).

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